The Warmup Lap | 6.12.12

Kara Goucher will represent the United States in the 2012 Summer Games women’s marathon Aug. 5 in London.

Hometown hero Goucher to run down memory lane in Saturday's half marathon | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

If you’re looking for the former Kara Wheeler, she’ll be along London Road and Superior Street sometime shortly after dawn Saturday. And though she’s not expecting many folks from her hometown to be out and about as some of the top runners in the United States race by, she may be underestimating the attraction of a rare sight: the only two-time U.S. Olympic runner in Northeastern Minnesota history. Kara (Wheeler) Goucher, 33, is entered in the U.S. Half Marathon Championships, held in conjunction with Grandma’s Marathon and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon.

Stephen Martin, Man Beaten After Bay to Breakers Race, Dies - San Francisco News - The Snitch

The man who was clinging to life after being sucker-punched in Golden Gate Park after the Bay to Breakers race has died. Medical authorities confirmed that 30-year-old Stephen Martin of Santa Clara died on Friday after his family took him off life support. He had been in the hospital with "unrecoverable brain damage" since the May 20 incident.

Boilermaker 15K an example of growing interest in running - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York

In its 2011 State of the Sport report, Running USA found the number of people running or jogging had increased by 57 percent in 10 years. The organization also reported an estimated 13 million finishers nationwide in 2010, the largest percent increase (10 percent) in road race finishers that Running USA has ever reported. The national runner survey showed the most growth in half-marathons. Not only were there more races, but the number of finishers also increased. So did the number of women participating.

One Broadway Actor's Spectacular Crusade Against Shoe Spam on Facebook - Gawker

Shoe spam has become a legendary scourge on Facebook, spreading the same way you share party pics. A spammer hijacks a Facebook account and posts dozens of pictures of shoes with spam links to online shoe stores in the captions, clogging the victims' friends' timelines. Worst of all, they tag all of the friends in the photos so eveyrone connected to these friends sees the shoes, too, amplifying the message exponentially. Shoe spam has only been picking up since the introduction of the new Facebook timeline, which gives more real estate to photos and makes shoe spam more obnoxiously eye-catching.

Junk Food More Appealing When You're Sleepy: Study - US News and World Report

Scientists found that when normal weight volunteers looked at unhealthy food during a period of sleep restriction, the reward centers in their brains were more active than when they looked at the pictures after having slept regularly.
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