The Warmup Lap | 6.18.12 - Remembering the Last Time The Olympic Games Were in Britain

May 1948: A British athlete bears the Olympic Torch into the Empire Stadium at Wembley, London, and inaugurates the 1948 Olympic Games by lighting the ceremonial flame. (Photo by PNA Rota/Getty Images)

Torch bearer recalls 1948 Olympic relay - Gulf Islands Driftwood

Sixty-four years ago, the London Olympics symbolized Europe’s recovery from the Second World War. With much of the city and the continent still bearing the scars of war, the 1948 Games marked a spartan gathering in comparison to the global sports phenomenon they’ve become today. Known as the austere Games, the 1948 London Olympics required athletes to bring their own sandwiches and British participants to make their own uniforms.

Felix to run 100m and 200m at US trials - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

Sprinter Allyson Felix will focus on the 100 and 200 metres at the US Olympic trials and forgo an attempt at a 400-200 double in London, her coach has told Reuters.

Ex-Viking runner Conley aims at Olympic team |

Kim Conley is going to the Olympic Trials in the 5,000 meters and she knew she was going to the Olympic Trials in the 5,000 meters a month ago and of course that was kind of a problem. She has been waiting for her June 25 race. The former Montgomery star has many gifts, but patience is not one of them.

Grand Rapids runner Chris Nicholas nears the end of his run across country, or does he? |

Grand Rapids runner Chris Nicholas, who is in the process of running across the United States, will not finish his journey in Los Angeles on Wednesday as expected. He will finish it in Hawaii. Nicholas has been juggling work, promotion, photos, email and Facebook updates from the road for the past three months, all while running about 40 miles per day.

Distance running: Running legends share experiences -

Two of distance running's greats -- 1972 Olympic marathon Gold medalist Frank Shorter, and Jacqueline Hansen, a two-time world record-holder in the marathon and the first woman to run a sub-2:40 marathon -- took time this week to address runners at the Culver Long Distance Camp.

Adidas sued over 'barefoot' running shoe claims | Reuters

In a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Brooklyn on Friday, plaintiff Joseph Rocco said the $90 pair of adiPure shoes he purchased did not deliver the increased training efficiency and decreased risk of injury promised in advertisements. Contrary to Adidas' claims, the shoes actually increase the risk for bruising and foot damage, due to their decreased padding and other structural differences from more traditional running shoes, Rocco said in the lawsuit. Rocco said he and other customers were never warned about the potential hazards and that, as a result, he suffered compound fractures after training in the shoes.
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