The Warmup Lap | 7.25.12 - A Look At Ryan Hall's Coach (God)

HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 14: Ryan Hall competes in the U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials January 14, 2012 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

Sure, God Made The Universe. But Can He Coach An American Marathoner To Olympic Gold?

March 29 was a busy day for Ryan Hall, the fastest American marathoner ever. He was 137 days and roughly 2,100 miles of road training away from representing the country in the London Olympics. He had to be up early for drug testing. "Luckily," he wrote on Twitter, "my coach and I had a meeting from 3-5 am. Not a lot of sleep going on."

Of course, Ryan Hall's coach is God.

Deadspin has a very interesting look at Hall's training plans and strategies since he split with long-time coach Terrence Mahon in 2010 and turned over everything to the Man Upstairs.

Hall is set to run in the marathon at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Raisins Found To Be As Effective As Sports Chews For Fueling Workouts

Good news for people who hate gels and chews: New research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests that eating raisins may provide the same workout boost as sports chews.

How Do Olympians Warm Up?

Pre-race routines at the Olympics are unlike any others, and successful athletes learn how to adapt to uncertainty.

Long Distance Voyager: Race Report: Badwater Ultra

Night fell, and I did fly on the downhill, passing Mike and seeing the lights of Panamint Springs get closer and closer. But by the time I neared the bottom, I was again needing to catch a breather from the constant fast running, and the beating my legs were taking. Plus, my stomach was feeling a little tight, and for much of the race felt just on the verge of being queasy. So I slowed to a walk on the Panamint Valley flat (where Mike passed me back) and suffered a morale slip. Then Ted gave me an Ensure, which was not quite cold enough, and I returned the chocolate liquid to the valley floor. Having done what my stomach felt like doing for quite a while, I suddenly felt better, reenergized, and ready to take on the climb out of Panamint, having hit the time station there about 1/2 hour ahead of 2010.

Doping, Cheating, And Insta-Celebrity: The Story Behind The First Great Sports Action Photograph, Taken In 1908

I don't remember when I first encountered the photograph that you see here, but I was immediately transfixed. Here was this Charlie Chaplin-esque figure, with a glazed look in his eyes, surrounded by a crowd of excited people. What the hell was going on?

Another great read from Deadspin. Good work, Deadspin!

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