Nicolas Cage running on The Mall


Nicolas Cage spotted running on The Mall during filming for The Runner, which I now have to assume is just about him running. Or running to steal the Declaration of Independence. Or possibly both.

(via, ht @hellogeorgia)

Follow Badwater 135 live


Badwater 135 -- a 135-mile run through some of the country's most unforgiving terrain with 17,000+ feet of climbing -- started Monday morning. Follow the race action with @badwater and (Photo via @MerDolhare)

'A Brief History of the Boston Marathon'


"A Brief History of the Boston Marathon," from Runner's World, with illustration by Dan Fuehrer and the text by Scott Douglas. Click-through to see the full graphic. Really surprised to learn the average age of a runner this year is 43.

2014 Boston Marathon Rules for Runners


Here's what is allowed -- and what is prohibited -- on runners for Monday's 2014 Boston Marathon. (via

ASICS introduces custom L.A. Marathon GEL-Lyte33™ 3


"This limited edition GEL-Lyte33™ 3 was custom designed and inspired by the beautiful palm trees that line Sunset BLVD. Weighing only 6.8 oz, this lightweight natural running experience will maximize your performance, whether it is in a race or shopping on Melrose."

The shoe retails for $100.

Mirinda Carfrae and Timothy O'Donnell celebrate at Ironman World Championship finish


Mirinda Carfrae celebrates her win -- and new course record -- with fiancé Timothy O'Donnell (men's fifth-place finisher), via @N2PHOTOservices

Tim O’Donnell’s custom-USA Trek Speed Concept bike is awesome


O'Donnell, a former member of the U.S. Navy and active member with Team RWB, has a very patriotic bike for Saturday's Ironman World Championship. More images at Triathlete Magazine.

2014 Felt IA


On Monday, Felt unveiled its 2014 Felt IA, "the world's fastest-ever triathlon-specific bike." More details at Triathlete Magazine.

(Image via Felt's Facebook page)

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