The Inaugural 10K Road Race National Championship

The recently founded Collegiate Running Association has announced the 2014 Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K will host the organization's first 'national championship' event.

Meet The Guy Who Won The First Ultra Marathon He Ever Ran

Deadspin has an interesting Q&A with Zach Miller who won the JFK50 ultramarathon this year despite it being his first ultra and farther than he had ever run before. His time of 5:38:53 was the third-fastest JFK 50 Mile finish ever.

Old and Busted: Barefoot Running. New Hotness: Barefoot Running In the Snow

Barefoot running in sub-zero temperatures, preferably with snow. Of course Canadians came up with it.

Five Life Lessons Running Will Teach You

A thought-provoking post from via Lifehacker. You do more than get in shape when you run, you're learning key lessons you can apply to your whole life.

What Kind of Runners Would These Literary Characters Have Been?

Would Philip Marlowe have made it two miles before trying to order a scotch at the first water station? Would Miss Havisham only have entered costume races? Would Gandalf attempt to pass his staff on to others like a baton? We may never know the answers to these questions, but why should that stop us from guessing? Let’s look at some famous literary characters and examine what kind of runners they could have been.

Kids Today Are Slower, Less Fit Than Their Parents Were

The American Heart Association released findings of a study this week that examined the running fitness of children worldwide. The results indicate kids’ cardiovascular fitness has declined around the globe since about 1975. That's a concern since the decline in running fitness -- which they attribute to a number of factors -- may indicate worse health in adulthood.

VIDEO: miCoach SMART RUN, from adidas

"Welcome to your smartest run, ever."

VIDEO: Double-amputee changes flat tire

Here's Hector Picard, the first double-arm amputee Ironman finisher, changing a flat tire. So ... what's your excuse? (See more at

Craig Alexander: "The body's not what it used to be"

"The body's not what it used to be." Craig Alexander explains why 2013 was his last time racing at Kona (via

Mirinda Carfrae and Timothy O'Donnell celebrate at Ironman World Championship finish


Mirinda Carfrae celebrates her win -- and new course record -- with fiancé Timothy O'Donnell (men's fifth-place finisher), via @N2PHOTOservices


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