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U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials 2012 Live Coverage: Ryan Hall Leads Fast Lead Pack Of Five Through 10 Miles

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Ryan Hall and four runners in the 2012 U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials in Houston kept up their insane fast pace through 10 miles on Saturday, with the pack hitting the mark at 48:10, on pace for a 2:07 finish. Given that all runners but Hall would be question marks to break 2:10 in a Trials race, this is really, really fast.

The runners with Hall are Abdi Abdirahman, Dathan Ritzenhein, Meb Kefleghezi and Mo Trafeh. All are contenders, but Trafeh -- who warned he planned to go out blazin' in the first half -- has never finished the marathon distance. Trafeh likely expected to have some alone time when he said he'd go out in 1:03-1:04 in the first half.

Here are Hall's unofficial split times:

Mile 1: 4:51
Mile 2: 4:51
Mile 3: 4:48
Mile 4: 4:49
Mile 5: 4:43
Mile 6: 4:50
Mile 7: 4:47
Mile 8: 4:48
Mile 9: 4:48
Mile 10: 4:52

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Trials.