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Weekly Training Rundown Jan 16-22

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Let's hear everyone's training for last week in the comments. Here's what the SN editors ran.

Mayo: 17 miles total; not a particularly good week for me due to general malaise. After planning 25, I skipped two runs and cut my long run short on Sunday.

  • 5 mi: 8:32 pace, approached as a recovery run after last Sunday's ten-miler. Nice and early, fairly nondescript.
  • 5 mi: 8:43 pace, with two walk breaks. Spent most of the run dealing with the sort of early morning sugar-low that somehow manages to manifest itself in both the stomach and lungs. Not bad, but could have been better.
  • 7 mi: 8:54 pace, slow due to a lot of ice on the ground. Had planned 10, but the combination of ice on the ground and my right foot falling asleep after 5 miles cut this one short.

Next week's plan: 3/5/3/5/8

Hudson: Covered roughly 26 miles this week (1900m swim, ~8 on the bike and then 17.1 running) -- It felt good to finally get into a groove and start following the schedule I put together for the Nation's Half Marathon in March. If curious, I took a basic Hal Higdon plan and modified it, replacing some runs with swims and bike rides to keep in shape for tri season when that rolls around.
  • Monday: 3.14 miles along the water in Charleston
  • Tuesday: 4 miles back at home in DC (a 35-minute tempo run: 5 min warm-up, 10 mins at ~ 7:45 pace, 10 min easy; 8:45 pace overall)
  • Wednesday: 1900m for muscular endurance swim in the pool
  • Friday: 3-mile pace run
  • Saturday: 7-mile run (8:49 pace), which is the longest I have run since, I think, September. And it felt great (once I warmed up -- forgot how cold 30 degrees really is).
  • Sunday: Did 30 minutes on my bike indoors (which is around eight miles, but I don't have a fancy bike computer, so, not 100 percent on that), followed by some light strength training and stretching
Overall, pleased with my week. Going forward, though, I think I will swap out one more run for a swim.

Ziller: 22 miles this week, 13 of which came on the trails. I ran Monday then not until Saturday and Sunday. Lot of inertia midweek due to the daily grind.
  • Monday: A 10K with 1,200 feet of ascent, about half on a gravel fire road and paved paths and half on dirt single-track.
  • Saturday: Seven miles with about 800 feet of ascent. Skipped the single-track due to late week rain, but still rambled up the hill and did some extra work in the flats.
  • Sunday: 9 flat miles in the steady rain.