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Dubai Marathon 2012: Ayele Abshero Biza Sets Course Record In Men's Competition

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It's true that running a marathon is a huge achievement. But to set a course record the first time you've completed a race of this length? That is legendary.

Ayele Abshero Biza, of Ethiopia, set a new course record at the Dubai Marathon yesterday, running 26.2 miles in 2:04:23, which beat the course record by 30 seconds.

From the marathon website:

"I thought I could run 2:04 today," he said after receiving his trophy and the winner's cheque of $250,000 from His Excellency Abdulrahman Al Owais, the UAE Minister of Health and Culture, Youth and Community Development, and Jonathan Morris, Standard Chartered CEO in the UAE.

"But it's hard to plan for your first marathon as I really just didn't know what was going to happen. But I'm very happy. I'm now the number one in Ethiopia, and I think it could be the Olympic Games for me."

The best part? Abshero said after the race that he planned on taking his $250,000 purse prize back to his homeland to create jobs and stimulate the economy. He's a feel-good story that is worth cheering for as the Olympics draw near.

And remember: no one will laugh if you don't break 2:04 in your first marathon. That's superhuman.