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Weekly Training Rundown Jan 23-29

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Let's hear everyone's training for last week in the comments. Here's what the SN editors ran.

Mayo: 24 miles total; I'm getting to the point where my body feels a constant dull ache and my legs haven't yet acclimated to consistent training. A good step forward this week getting back on to my training plan after a disappointing week previously. Planned 3/5/3/5/8.

  • Tuesday: 3 miles (7:58 pace). Pushed a bit, only had to stop at a traffic light once. Negative splitted this one, may have foolishly tired my legs out more than I should have.
  • Wednesday: 4 miles (8:43 pace). Felt horribly sluggish on this run, legs were unresponsive and overall I felt miserable throughout this whole one. Planned 5, cut it short to get it over with faster.
  • Friday: 4 miles (8:43 pace). Got caught at a number of traffic lights on this one, but overall I felt pretty good. Much better than Wednesday.
  • Saturday: 5 miles (8:49 pace). Beautiful day. I stopped to walk once, got caught at a few traffic lights, and sat on a bench for a few (non-logged) minutes along the way. Really a nice run, even though my legs felt like jelly.
  • Sunday: 8 miles (9:15 pace). Another really nice day. Two talking breaks, each about a quarter mile. Pushed through a few rough patches and felt pretty good at the end.

Next week: 6/3/5/3/12

Kleph: A total of 14.32 miles in 2 hours and 12.5 minutes of running this week. I did more runs but for less distance and speed partially because I have been working with a friend of mine trying to get back in the workout groove. I did a 5K on the weekend just on a whim but also to get a baseline measure on where I am at training wise.

Cory: As I've mentioned before, I am building my way back from a "light" running period over the past year or so. This week, I ran 17.2 miles over 2 hours and 35 minutes.

  • Monday: 2.70 mile run, 8:21 pace. Just a pre-dinner run.
  • Tuesday: 2.47 mile run, 8:04 pace. Similar to above.
  • Thursday: 3.94 mile run, 8:33 pace. Wanted to start building up to the weekend.
  • Saturday: 8 mile run, 9:59 pace. My brother came to D.C. and we did a scenic tour of the mall, including a loop around the tidal basin. We stopped very briefly to take pictures, and it was a very challenging yet rewarding run for me.

Next week: 4/2/4/6/3

Ziller: 12.5 miles. I ran six as planned on Wednesday (three hard, three moderate), 6.5 in the hills (1,100 feet of ascent and equal descent) on Saturday and ... cancelled my planned '10 or so' for Sunday because of some pain in my perennially tight high ankle. Broke out the ice on Saturday night and the rolling pin Sunday morning, and hope it's good to go by Wednesday again. A few hours of stationary bike in there, too, and some weekend tennis.

Hudson: 14.9 miles running, 8 miles cycling, 3000m swimming. Saturday's long-rin had me feeling ... exhausted. Which is a feeling I haven't had in a while. Guess that's what happens when you take it easy for a couple months.

  • Monday: Dropped a run in place of a swim and did 1650m (36 minutes) -- a small endurance workout. Man, I forgot how exhausting and challenging swimming can be.
  • Tuesday: haha oh man, what a terrible run! My legs were killing from the beginning and I think I had a bit too much coffee before hand because I flet some weird combination of light-headed and nauseous. Was supposed to be a speed workout with some 400 repeats, but instead it was a light warm-up with just a couple hills (total of 2.9 miles)
  • Wednesday: Another swim, strength-workout style (1350m)
  • Friday: Three-mile pace run
  • Saturday: The week's long run of eight miles -- an enjoyable jog through DC, with a lap around the Viet Nam and Washington Memorials (8:39 pace).
  • Sunday: Light 30 minutes (~8 miles) on the bike, followed by stretching