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Weekly Training Rundown, September 24-30

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Let's compare runs this past week!

Let's tally up what we've done. I bet you did better than I did.

20/40 miles. Not good.

  • Tuesday: 6.8 miles (8:35 pace). Really digging the early-morning 7 mile route from the new place. God a bug in the throat during the last 200 meters, started dry-heaving in front of a bunch of construction bros, which was unfortunate. Also: humid.
  • Wednesday: 6 miles (8:46 pace). Felt good following last week's high mileage.
  • Thursday: 10 miles (9:08). Skipped Wednesday's 4 and combined it with Thursday's 6. Felt quite good, never pushed, but I think this may have been a stretch and was a mistake.
  • Saturday: 4 miles (10:35). Planned 14, immediately felt bad in the lower leg. After about 2.75 miles I decided to turn around to make it a 5 mile run. Had to stop at 4 miles and walk the rest of the way home. Awful, not sure what caused it.
  • Sunday: planned 10-14, took the day off after waking up with calf discomfort. it's not too bad, and in the soft stuff, but I figured an extra two days of rest before peaking here the next two weeks is a good idea.

This week: 10/5/7/24/5. The meat of the schedule starts this week. Shit.