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Kona Underpants Run

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The Underpants Run is exactly what you think is -- here are some of the best photos from the annual charity event in Kona, leading up to the Ironman World Championship. For more coverage, check out Timex Sports on Facebook.

The Kona Underpants Run is exactly what it sounds like -- a run in your underpants.

Held the Thursday before the Ironman World Championship every year since 1998, the Underpants Run got its start so it could mock triathletes and their love for wearing speedos and spandex everywhere they go. But overtime, it has grown into a fun, social event that also raises money for charities.

Over the past 15 years we have raised over $100,000 for local charities through donations given towards T-shirts and hats. Last year we raised even more money and will do so again through a raffle for a Cannondale bike, Garmin 910 GPS, Surftech SUP and Paddle, Wood undies and 110% clothing.

This gallery is a collection of photos from the race Thursday

View the "course map" here.

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