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Weekly Training Rundown Oct 8-14

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Kind of a strange week in terms of weather, with unseasonable heat and also unseasonable cold here in DC. Made for tricky running, if you were actually running and not hurt. How'd your week go?

13/50 miles. Went to a sports therapy doctor on Thursday, found out that I don't have any stress fractures. Starting PT this week, started running again on Friday. My leg is incredibly sore after three days of running, but not pained at all.

  • Friday: 3 miles (8:16 pace). First run back, pain subsided in my calf after a few minutes. Good start back into things.
  • Saturday: 5 miles (8:41). Bright, warm day. Felt good otherwise.
  • Sunday: 5 miles (8:59). Planned ten miles but cut it back when I realized that I felt like crap and it was my third day in a row running. Better to take Otis Redding's advice and ease on in.

This week: Light week per the schedule, which I'm going to attempt to complete. 6/4/6/14/5. If I can survive this week, I'll peak the following week and taper down from there.

How'd you all do? (I bet it was better than I did).