Coming Back To Running

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After nearly three years off from running I'm coming back to the sport I've loved. I ran in high school and for a D3 college. After school I even competed for a sponsored team in Louisville. I've ran low 15's for a 5k and broken three hours in the marathon.

After getting married six years ago my running has steadily decreased. I cut down on my runs to try and spend more time with my non-active wife. We had our daughter two and a half years ago and that made it even harder to run. To help me express my creative side I've turned to blogging on and run a SB Nation site. It's something I could do at home and not be away from my family.

The day before our six year anniversary my wife decided that she didn't want things to continue and we are now separated. I've done some soul searching and realized how much I miss running and what it meant to me. Having consecutive running streaks and exploring trails is something that was a big part of my life.

I've been running for the last two weeks and things are not going well. I only gained a few pounds over the last couple years. I'm still a healthy 5'10 an 140lbs. I'm struggling to make it to 25 minutes on my runs. I've had to stop numerous times during most runs. I know it wasn't going to be easy coming back but I didn't expect it to be this hard. I figured my endurance would improve some and I could at least get above 30 minutes now. I have new shoes and I'm running on mostly dirt and gravel trails. I ran four times last week and will equal or exceed that number this week.

Anyone with experience in coming back from a big layoff? Would love to hear your advice. Also if anyone has any advice on dealing with a separation I would appreciate that advice as well. Running is going to be my stress relief over the next few months that will be very rough. I want to make things work but she is resistant to trying to fix things.

Thanks for reading and your advice/suggestions.

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