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Weekly Training Rundown Oct 15-21

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Not a good week for me in terms of my training: I did 17 out of the planned 35 miles. Started PT on Wednesday, which seems to be helping but I've suddenly been hit with a giant wave of apathy w/r/t my running which is not a good thing.

  • Tuesday: 6 miles (9:02 pace). Felt good to get going again, no real discomfort.
  • Thursday: 6 miles (8:51). Decent run, don't recall this one at all a few days later, which isn't a bad thing.
  • Saturday: 5 miles (8:39). Beautiful day, decent run. Leg has been sore after this one.
  • Sunday: none I was hung over and lazy :(

This week: Still trying to figure out the whole off-schedule build-to-a-taper thing. Looking like 7/5/7/20/5 this weekend. We'll see how PT goes and how my leg holds up.