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Weekly Training Rundown Oct 22-28

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Sandra Mu

31/44 miles -- a far better week than I've been having as of late. This week was my make-or-break week with respect to the JFK 50: any reservations would result in withdrawing from the race. I feel good, so I'm going forward with the race as planned. Still have two more weeks of PT and those exercises to do. Hopefully those alleviate some of my leg pain. PT is throwing a wrench into my typical schedule, but I'm getting the miles in where I can.

  • Tuesday: 7 miles (8:44 pace). Good sunrise, good run.
  • Friday: 5 miles (8:32). Took it mostly easy on this one, knowing that Saturday was the long run.
  • Saturday: 14 miles (9:36). This was the bellweather run. Had planned 20 miles but we had a housewarming party Saturday night and I turned around and cut short because I didn't want my wife to be furious. Felt quite good, fresh, etc. so the race is a go.
  • Sunday: 5 miles (8:58). Good recovery run, leg was feeling strong.

This week: 5/5/7/18/5. Going to Morgantown for a football match on Saturday, so we'll see when I get the long run in. Also hurricane-dodging this week, so it may be a relatively low-mileage week heading into the taper.