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Weekly Training Rundown Nov 26 - Dec 2

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Still floating without a plan or any semblance of post-race drive to run. Got out once this week, and my foot is still bothering me from the race (race-induced tendonitis).

Did 5 miles on Sunday with a buddy. No watch, no idea how fast we ran. Foot hurt, but it was great to get out.

This coming week I hope to run three times. I'll have to get into the swing of training soon to piggyback off of this race's training, but I'm going to relax for a bit before the training really gets into swing. I may have something more about this in the coming week, but I'm more or less in a post-race lull and have little motivation to run and even less to write about how little I'm running. I'm sure y'all know how this goes.

Anyways, how'd y'all do this past week?