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The Warmup Lap | 2.11.12 - The Boston Elite Field is... Set?

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Boston Marathon Releases Elite Fields |

The elite field for the Boston Marathon was released yesterday, including last year's winners Geoffrey Mutai and Caroline Kilel. Surprisingly, the American athlete lists are strikingly thin. Are Hall, Meb, Goucher, and Flanagan not running this year or will they enter later on?

The girl who's got the world's toughest men running scared | The Daily Mail

Champion triathlete Chrissy Wellington has a new autobiography, and The Daily Mail thinks it's worth your time.

But in the end, what emerges from this book is the portrait of a thoroughly nice woman. Her exceptional qualities have led her to achievements that her readers can scarcely imagine. Her biography is a graphic account of what it takes to become a world-class athlete - too graphic, possibly, for sensitive readers: the sanitary arrangements for long-distance sport are not very evolved, and Chrissie dwells on them in stark detail.

Running Protects Your Lungs from Pollution | SweatScience

Sweat Science has a new home at Runners' World, and Alex dives in right off the bat discussing some Brazilian research on mice involving exposure to differing levels of air quality and activity level.

Centrowitz makes changes in training for 1,500 | USA Today

After placing third at the World Championships in Korea last fall as an amateur, the current American hope in the 1500 meters has joined Alberto Salazar's troupe in Portland.

Endurance training: The 'worst form of exercise?' | Chicago Tribune Online

The Tribune offers a nice rebuttal to a controversial online marketer's interpretation of a report in the European Heart Journal. Long story short: trust researchers and their editorials more than marketers. But you guys are smart and knew that already, I'm sure.

New water workout is tougher than running | Marine Corps Times

The Marines seem to be adapting exercise that many track and cross-country teams have employed for years: the water jog. No word on whether they're now planning to run the MCM in the Potomac this year.