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Weekly Training Rundown Feb 6-Feb 12

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Let's hear everyone's training for last week in the comments. Here's what the SN editors ran.

Mayo: 25 total. After last week's disappointing weekend I got back on track this week.

  • Tuesday: 3 miles (8:24 pace). Had to hold myself back a bit given the level of angst I built up after missing last weekend's runs.
  • Wednesday: 6 miles (8:51 pace). This was a pretty good 6 miler -- early morning, not too cold, and the Mall was quite empty.
  • Thursday: 4 miles (8:19 pace). Fresh legs helped push a relatively quick 4 mile.
  • Saturday: 2 miles (8:07 pace). Managed to run during the 15 minutes of high wind and a small amount of snow. Brutally cold heading west, uncomfortably warm once I came back east.
  • Sunday: 10.5 miles (9:26 pace). Really, really cold and windy start to the run. A few walk breaks, but overall a nice and promising run.
Next week: 6/3/5/4/14

kleph: finally got past the 20 mile barrier for the week (20.61). so i guess it is time to consider the initial six week conditioning period over and start getting down to the nitty gritty of getting in running shape. the average pace for the week was right under 9 min/mile -- pretty much what i expected given the drag on my pace from the trail run on saturday.

  • Monday: 5.36 miles. first time back at the track and it was just about as brutal as i remembered. did 3,200 meters with race pace on the straights and recovery pace on the turns. finished with 4 X 400m at 5K pace. one mile warmup and cooldown as well.
  • Wednesday: 4 miles, 7:54 pace. a recovery run that turned into a tempo effort. did every mile faster than the last.
  • Thursday: 5 miles, 8:57 pace. a recovery run that ended up pretty much as i hoped.
  • Saturday: 6.23 miles, 10:27 pace. the return of the south mountain trail run. i've got a six-mile loop that ascends more than 700 feet or so but isn't so technically challenging as to defeat the purpose. as usual, the first time back leaves me pretty sore afterward.

I'll probably be trying to hold at this schedule with only limited addition to the distances over the next several weeks.