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The Warmup Lap | 2.14.2012

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Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

Runner's's Guide to Love and Running

Exercise Makes Us Happy -- It's Science | Huffington Post

Brains benefit from exercise, many studies show | LA Times
A growing body of evidence shows that regular exercise — be it resistance training or aerobic — helps ward off a host of cognitive impairments and enhances brainpower all life long.

Cake for breakfast. It's not a lie. | ABC 2
Best news ever. #teamcake #forlife

Want to lose weight? Trade sugary drinks for water | Reuters
This doesn't have an impact on the Cake Study, right?

The Top 7 iPhone Swim, Bike, and Run apps I use regularly and why | DC Rainmaker

Five Spring Marathons Worth Running | Competitor

Conversation starter:

The Worst Marathon Weather I've Ever Run In | Bob Rebello's Worldwide Marathons