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Things That Fade and Things That Don't

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Over the past few weeks I've had an entry going in my notebook that I'll add to every now and again. It's fairly simple: a list of things that running can provide that fade away, and a list of things that don't (or don't readily fade, at least). Rather than try and flesh the thing out over the course of a few months, I thought it'd be the kind of thing to bring forward in its current state and see what everyone else would add to each list.

Things that Fade Away:

  • Conditioning
  • Motivation
  • Injuries
  • Training Partners
  • Coordination
  • Shoes
  • Race medals
  • Pain

Things that Don't:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Feel
  • Accomplishment
  • Memories
  • The bond between training partners
  • Sunrises (if you stare at them for too long)
Most of the things that I've found that fade away are no big deal. It's the things that don't fade that are the ones that make running far more rewarding.

I'm sure that I've missed plenty, so what comes and goes for y'all?