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The Warmup Lap | 2.17.2012 - NYC Half Elites and more

Americans Keflezighi, Goucher, Davila to run half-marathon in NYC in prep for Olympic marathon | The Washington Post

Not sure if you guys have heard, but the Olympics are this summer. The NYC Half Marathon often has a fairly good elite crowd for a half marathon, and this year's race will have Meb, Kara, and Desiree all running as they tune up for the Olympic 26.2 this summer.

Usain Bolt to run 100 meters at Golden Spike |

Speaking of tune-ups, the world's fastest man will be running in the Czech Republic (in Ostrava!!!) this May as he prepares for London.

Skyscraper Running: The new workout | Times Of India

As we saw with the recent Empire State Building Run-Up, skyscraper racing is taking off, and not just in the states. It's spread to Malaysia.

Slow walking 'predicts dementia' - BBC News
It may be possible to use the speed someone walks to predict the odds of them developing dementia later in life, according to researchers in the US.

New Balance Minimus Trail (MT10): Shoe Surgery to Free My Forefoot | Runblogger
This is one of my favorite blog posts ever, to be honest. Pete takes a look at shoes that are a bit tight, but otherwise great -- and then modifies them to better suit wide feet (something that I deal with too).

Lightest Shoes Evah! (and so dang pretty) | Girl In Motion: A Running Blog

A look at the low-drop New Balance 730 and some first impressions.