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Morning vs. Evening: When Do You Run?

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When do you run?

It's an easy question, seemingly, but yet also feels like it immediately corrals you into one of two groups: Mornings or Nights.

Do you prefer rising before the sun, putting in your day's miles before the work day? Or do you rather the dark solitude that an evening run can bring, using it to run away from the day's stresses? Do you prefer running before breakfast, but your schedule just don't allow for it, or the summer heat is already too brutal -- yes, even at 7 a.m. -- so you wait for things to cool off and go in the evening?

We want to know! Answer our lil' poll (technology, amirite?) and let us know which you prefer, and why, in the comments.

Personally, I am in the "I Want To Be A Morning Runner" camp. I'd say about half of my runs are done in the morning, with the other half coming in the afternoon (my long weekend runs) or after work. I wish I could wake up at 6 a.m. every day -- I really love the feeling of completing my run before work -- but ... well, do you know how early 6 a.m. is? It's very early!