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The Warmup Lap | 2.20.12 - A Grandmother Who is Tougher Than You

'I'm not going to sit on the couch watching life go by' | The Daily News Journal

“August 2010, I injured three (spinal) discs while complete a 7-mile training run. My (oxygen) tank has slipped down on my back and kept pounding away at the disc,” she recalled. Once again, her chiropractor adjusted her and by the next week after the back injury, she was able to at least walk a 5K she’d entered. A week after that, she actually ran a 5K.

In September 2010, she completed her first half-marathon.

Meanwhile, a grandmother has been training for 5ks and further, all while running with a ten pound oxygen tank on her back. Yup, she's probably tougher than most of us.

Myrtle Beach Marathon winner beats record | SCNOW

The race's winner, Stuart Moran of Asheville, North Carolina, won the race in a record-setting 2:26.

Runner suffers cardiac arrest during race -

Another runner went into cardiac arrest around the Mile 18 mark and was resuscitated by EMT medics on-station along the course.

Katie Price does a half marathon, prepares for it by eating a load of junk food | 3am & Mirror Online

British tabloids are the worst/best.

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