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Samuel Adams Boston 26.2 Brew, The Beer For Marathons

In a move that makes all-too-much sense, the Boston Beer Beer Co., better known as the company that brews the Samuel Adams line of beers, has announced its new brew to commemorate the 2012 Boston Marathon -- Samuel Adams 26.2 Brew. (The 26.2, sadly, does not refer to the ABV.)

The beer is the result of a partnership between The Boston Beer Co. and the Boston Athletic Association, the nonprofit that organizes the Boston Marathon. The two groups are scheduled to officially unveil the beer Thursday afternoon at its Jamaica Plains brewery, with veteran marathoner Bill Rodgers in attendance.

The beer company notes that "This unique brew is fitting for both runners and spectators on race day," as it is lower in alcohol content than most of the Sam Adams beers and will also pour with a lighter body. Interestingly, it is apparently made with coriander and salt -- perhaps directly appealing to those dehydrated and electrolyte-deficient -- according to, which sounds like it'll be a Belgian-style wheat beer (like a Blue Moon).

The apparently keg-only brew will be available exclusively at race-related events, as well as select pubs and restaurants along the marathon route and around Boston. Bottoms up!