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Weekly Training Rundown Feb 20-Feb 26

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February is coming to a close: how'd your training go to close out the last full week of the month?

Mayo: 22 total. I'll have more on this week later, but my legs didn't respond well to last week's increased mileage. Cut out Wednesday and Saturday's runs to aid recovery. Not viewing this week as a setback or a frustration, but just a down week that happened.

  • Tuesday: 7 miles (8:16 pace). Felt really, really good out on this run. In hindsight I probably closed the run out by pushing too hard (final mile: 7:25).
  • Thursday: 5 miles (8:47 page). One stretch break. Lower legs were dead, felt incredibly sluggish. No good. Ran by my favorite monument in DC though, and saw that it's all nicely lit up and renovated -- so that was nice.
  • Sunday: 10 miles (9:23 pace). Not bad, though we cut this one short by 2 miles. Felt decent by the end.
Next week: 4/7/4/16/6. Moving the long run to Saturday. Bachelor party Saturday night. We'll see if Sunday's 6 happens.

kleph: got back up over the 20-mile mark this week and felt reasonably good about the effort. there's been a lot of muscle soreness with the increase in workout intensity but none of the worrisome warning aches that can mean injury... thus far, anyway.

  • Monday: 4.26 miles. 12 X 200 meters on the track. kept them all under 43 seconds which makes me almost two and a half times slower than robert griffin III.
  • Tuesday: 4 miles, 8:27 pace. a tempo run using a 180 BPM music playlist. a bit tougher than i was expecting.
  • Thursday 6 miles, 9:06 pace. a recovery run on the canal using a 160 BPM music playlist.
  • Saturday: 6 miles, 10:16 pace. back out to the south mountain trails. i'm thinking of renaming my course the "no leash law loop" given the number of folks who run on it without restraining their animals.

Hudson: Recovery week for me, so just a total of about 14 miles for me, along with a bike ride and a swim.

  • Monday: One hour on the bike indoors, with some intervals worked in.
  • Tuesday: Warmed-up with a mile-and-a-half before doing 10 hill repeats.
  • Wednesday: Back in the pool for the first time in a week -- 2000-yard, muscular endurance workout.
  • Saturday: 9.5 miles at an 8:36 pace. Really happy with this outing, especially considering how windy it was. For fun, I looked up some runs from this time in 2009, when I was first starting to run, really, and my pace for 10-mile runs was around 10:30, so pretty pumped about that. Improvement!
Cory: Had a disastrous amount of soreness from a Sunday afternoon game of football with my roommate, and things didn't go smoothly until I was fully recovered from the soreness on Friday and Saturday. In total, I only ran 12 miles. Going for 24 this week on my elitist lunch running experiment, which you can read about later on this morning right here at Stride Nation.