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The Warmup Lap | 2.27.12 - Evolution and Obesity, Comas, and more

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Prof. Daniel Lieberman on evolution, obesity, and exercise. While straying a bit into ideas of physical exertion requirements, overall this is a pretty decent talk. (via Christopher McDougall Blog)

Frayed Laces: From Kona to Coma: The amazing story of Scott Ennis

I suffered a shattered left scapula, broken ribs and sternum, broken left index finger, compound fractured right ankle, and bleeding in my basal ganglion (a Traumatic Brain Injury). The TBI caused paralysis of my entire left side and induced a coma which I was in for almost a week.

A pretty stunning recovery -- Ennis being able to run at all is remarkable. He's run a 1:20 half since his injuries.

Active Duty Registration for the Marine Corps Marathon is Open. Regos for those of us livin' the civilian life go up on 7 March.

In Case You Missed It, Michael Kipyego won in Tokyo this weekend.

If you saw Spencer in the Disney Princess Half Marathon crowd in Orlando, let us know.

15 Hydration Facts for Athletes |

Though it hasn't started to warm up too much just yet, hydration should always be on our minds.