Postpartum running (for men!)

I had always been a runner, but it wasn't until 2007 that I became an avid distance runner. Since that time, I've enjoyed everything from the 5K to the marathon (the half-marathon being my favorite distance). As many of you have done, I've come up against an assortment of obstacles: IT band injuries, shin splints, migraines, back problems, etc. But it wasn't until 5 months ago, I ran into the most devastatinghurdle of all time. A baby.

Understandably, most articles and posts dealing with post-baby running deal with the effects women experience after giving birth and how they can best get back into running shape. I'm not pretending for a second to compare what men go through to what women go through. However, I have been surprised at how being a new father has negatively effected (and for a while killed) myrunning. In addition to sleep deprivation, going to doctor's appointments, cleaning bottles and pumps, feeding, trying to eat, consoling others, etc., going out for a run is nearly impossible. Then, just when some sort of routine is developing, the little angel goes to day care and brings home every imaginable germ. The ensuing biological warfare results in congestion, coughing, Ebola virus... constant illness -- enter stage left.

I'm just now getting to the point where I might be able to run 2-3 times a week and never more than 3-4 miles. It's my goal to be in half-marathon shape by the summer and 1:50 half-marathon shape by the fall, but there is certainly a new variable involved more complex than tendinitis.

Don't get me wrong... seeing my little girl smile at me is 1,000 times better than setting a PR, but wow...

The postpartum running experience isn't just for women. Please feel free to share your war stories and/or stories of overcoming and adapting!

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