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The Warmup Lap | 2.28.12 - Sometimes Winning Isn't Enough

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Cowtown marathon's first finisher disqualified; runner-up wins | The Star-Telegram

Scott Downard crossed the finish line first but he was wearing another person's bib and was not registered for the event, race officials say. The winner is a Tarleton State grad student Kolin Styles with a time of 2:37:35.

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Set Attendance Record - WESH Orlando

27,000 participants showed up for , a 23 percent increase over last year, showed up for the fourth running of the women-oriented event.

And now for the bad news. Spring allergies may already be here...

Mild Winter Heralds Early Sneezin' Season | HealhDay

...and flu season is starting late.

Flu season starts late but may be just as virulent: CDC

Lastly, possibly the strangest costume you've ever seen a runner wear in a race after the jump...

I'm sorry, I don't see how it's humanly possible this guy at the Tokyo Marathon was able to finish the whole race.