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The Warmup Lap | 2.29.12 - Happy Leap Day!

Looking for a neat way to spend Leap Day ... and happen to live in Fort Collins, Colorado? Perfect! There's a Leap Day 5k today at 5:515 p.m. For everyone else, onto the links!


Last week, Denny told you all about Zombies, Run!, a soon-to-be-released running app that does just what you probably think it does. Now it's officially available in the app store.

Battling A Nervous Stomach
Race-day nerves can play havoc with your digestive system; those butterflies can feel like they are alive, leaving no room for that much needed pre-ra

Recovery: The Benefits Of Ice Baths
We've covered ice baths plenty here on Stride Nation, and now here is Sage Rountree to discuss "the importance of the post-workout ice bath, which helps reduce inflammation and flushes waste from the muscles."

Hamstring Injuries and Reinjuries: What to Do? | News
Some tips on how to deal with oft-injured hammies, something as many as 26 percent of runners deal with.

Usain Bolt Says He Will Run a 9.40 at London | Mail Online

The fastest man in the world is now training harder than ever before. You've been warned, world.