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The Warmup Lap | 2.8.12 - The Yukon Arctic Ultra Is Definitely Crazy

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The Yukon Quest is a dogsled race from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Whitehourse, Yukon. It stretches 1000 miles through some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world. The brutal winter conditions have earned it the title from some of "the toughest race in the world." I tell you this because there is a run that follows the same path.

Competitors don't go the full 1,000 miles, mind you (let's not be completely crazy) -- they pick a marathon, 100 miler or 300 miler (and every two years, there's a 430-mile option) -- but they run through the Alaskan and Canadian winter wilderness for a week or so in the Yukon Arctic Ultra, self-described as "the world's coldest and toughest ultra!"

The runners (though you can bike or cross-country ski if you prefer) should be finishing up this weekend. You can track the progress at the official site, and if you're thinking of running it, you should know you get a t-shirt!

Important info for the athletes who finished or scratched and are still in Whitehorse:

The shirts that were stuck in customs finally arrived. I left some size medium and large at the front desk of the High Country Inn. Please feel free to go there and pick your shirt up. If you are a different size, please send me an email and I will either also get it to the High Country Inn or send it by post.

Onto the links ...

The Yukon Arctic Ultra on Vimeo
Wait, wait, one more Yukon Arctic Ultra link real quick. Here's a documentary showing just what people go through in the Yukon Arctic Ultra. (via)

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Is the Olympic schedule such that you could consider doing both the marathon and the 10,000 in London?

AA: Uh, maybe, if I make the team. You never know (the men's 10,000 is on August 4, the marathon is on August 12).

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The Golden Gate Trail Run is this weekend (consisting of a 5M, Half Marathon, 30K, Marathon and a 50K). Here's everything you need to know, whether you're a runner or spectator.

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