Any former college runners on here?

I finished my collegiate career in Spring 2008, and I really haven't run seriously since then. I've run here and there, but I felt so burned out from all of the mileage that I just couldn't bring myself to get back into it. Now that I'm coaching cross country and track as an assistant in high school, I've slowly gotten that itch back. My wife and I started running together because she wants to lose weight, and she feels having a track coach as a husband should be able to help her achieve that. Now I've put on about 35 pounds (enjoying a gut that I've never had in my life), I guess I should drop my weight a bit.

Any former college runners still running? I'm in my late twenties, so really, getting back into shape and running will be fairly easy for me. What've y'all done to get over the hump of getting back into running?

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