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Weekly Training Rundown Mar 5-11

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Last week was the last before daylight savings time came to ruin our morning runs. How'd it go for you?

Mayo: 24 miles. A built-in down week fell right into place, as I have the Tobacco Road 13.1 on this coming Sunday.

  • Tuesday: 3 miles (8:15 pace). Non-descript.
  • Wednesday: 5 (8:17 pace). Felt pretty good.
  • Thursday: 3 (8:17 pace). Another short decent run. Saw a guy with a Weimaraner that was chasing a squirrel, which was fun.
  • Saturday: 3 (7:54 pace). Kept trying to rein this one in, and kept speeding up. A pretty good run, though a bit more strained than I'd have liked.
  • Sunday: 10 (9:48 pace). Beautiful day, and awful stomach issues. Had to stop and walk every second mile or so in order to quell the discomfort. Don't have to deal with the imminent poops often while running, but I had to on this one.
Next week: 7/4/6/5/13.1

kleph: I got the weekly mileage back over the 20 mile mark as I hoped. I skipped the track workout partly out of caution due to last week's quad pull and partially because I'm concerned the consecutive hard workouts is not the best idea. I'm probably going to start doing mile intervals or something mid-week instead.

  • Monday: 5 miles, 8:24 pace. A pretty easy recovery run complicated somewhat by warmer temperatures. A brief taste of what this summer holds in store for me.
  • Wednesday: 6 miles, 8:21 pace. This was supposed to be a six mile run at half-marathon pace or so. The wind had other ideas. I gobbled up the first four miles with the breeze at my back but died a gusty death after the turnaround.
  • Thursday: 4 miles, 8:09 pace. I honestly meant to run this one at least a half minute slower but it looks like that 8 minute mark is pretty much my natural pace right now.
  • Saturday: The South Mountain Challenge; 5 miles, 48:04. A relatively short race with a ton of ascent. More than 1,000 feet worth, to be exact. Starting at 2:00 p.m. didn't make it any easier either. Pretty happy with the sub 9:40 pace given all that.