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The Warmup Lap | 3.13.12 - Catching Up With the World Indoor Championships and Curvy Dancing

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2012 World Indoor Championships: A Retrospective | Stride Nation
Stride Nation member blakethegr8 has been kind enough to provide us a rather irreverent roundup of the action at the 14th IAAF World Indoor Championships in Turkey over the weekend. A more staid account can be found over at USAT&F's website. Team USA totaled 10 gold medals at the meet in Istanbul, the most ever.

Marathon Registration Operates at Brisk Pace With Cloud Computing | San Diego Business Journal
The Active Network's new ActiveWorks cloud system got its biggest test last week when it handed the record Marine Corps Marathon sellout, handling 30,000 registrations in less than three hours.

Midlands man finishes Antarctica Marathon |
The Antarctic Marathon was last weekend. Here's a brief race report from runner Dean Schuster: "Antarctica marathon complete. Course was brutally hilly. 30-40 knot wind gusts. Horizontal, biting snow in one section. Unofficial results puts my finish time at 4:17, good enough for 7th place. Still trying to thaw out my fingers."

Curvy dancing prepares Fujiwara for marathon | Reuters
Japanese marathon runner Arata Fujiwara qualified for the London Olympics last month at the Tokyo Marathon. His secret weapon? The current exercise fitness fad in Japan, Curvy dancing. Demonstration video after the jump.