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Half Marathon Pre-race Checklist

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As I mentioned Tuesday, I've got a race coming up (Ryan does as well). I'm running a half marathon this weekend, which calls for a bit more preparation than a typical 5 or 10k race. As the weekend approaches, I'm mentally running through my checklist of what I'll need to take to ensure that I'm prepared for the race. As the weekend gets closer, I'm getting more cognizant of what I'll need to take (BE PREPARED).

So I've got my list. Mind you, it's a half marathon checklist -- but a checklist nonetheless. If you guys have anything else you take for races, let's discuss and learn from each other.

  • Race shoes
  • Technical t-shirt (x2, one short sleeved, one long sleeved)
  • Shorts
  • Pair of race socks (x2, as they're easy to lose)
  • Bodyglide (probably the most important thing)
  • Gels or other energy food (for marathons -- not applicable for a half)
  • Throwaway gloves (often given out at expos, but I still pack a pair)
  • 4 safety pins
  • Compression shorts
  • RoadID

Things to pick up at the race expo:

  • Bib
  • Shirt
  • Free samples of stuff
  • Clearance-priced training gear
  • Other runners (if you're single)

That's my list, at least for a half. I'm curious what ultra-folks and triathlete-types take with them for a race.

Also: I screwed up and incorrectly stated that this upcoming 13.1 will be the first time that I race along with someone. This is not correct: I ran a 5k in 2k10 with my wonderful wife. She corrected me and has given me the appropriate amount of shit for being wrong.