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The Warmup Lap | 3.2.12 - Running, Antartica And Jesus Christ

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We start with some shocking news from the New York Times: physical activity is good for you.

Phys Ed: How Staying Active Keeps Us Healthy |
Inactivity produced spikes in blood sugar levels in healthy young volunteers, which may help explain why sedentary behavior raises the risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

And now for an example of someone doing a pretty great job of "staying active" ...

Cardiff Woman to Run Antarctica Marathon | Encinitas, CA Patch
Having already completed the Great Wall of China Marathon, Vickie Clauson -- a 52-year-old woman who admittedly "hates the cold" -- will race across one of the most frigid places on the planet.

Near-death scare for 'superhuman' runners |
New Zealand ultra-distance athlete Lisa Tamati's project to retrace the steps of a mercy dash through the Australian outback 90 years ago incorporated its own life-threatening medical emergency when her running mate collapsed close to Alice Springs. "I threw up on the side of the road which is fairly normal for an ultra-runner and then I started to go numb, I went into a catatonic state," he said.

Jesus Christ Running in the Tokyo Marathon | Japan Probe
Some bizarre photos from the Tokyo Marathon: The photos of the Jesus wearing clothing and sneakers are from the 2011 and 2010 marathons. The barefoot Jesus

Run to Build Your Brain | News
A growing body of research has uncovered many ways running boosts brain activity.

DC Rainmaker: The Girl: “I’ll actually wear this watch”
The New Polar RCX3, a triathlon watch that went on a diet.


In case you missed it ...

Postpartum running (for men!)

"I had always been a runner, but it wasn't until 2007 that I became an avid distance runner. Since that time, I've enjoyed everything from the 5K to the marathon (the half-marathon being my favorite distance). As many of you have done, I've come up against an assortment of obstacles: IT band injuries, shin splints, migraines, back problems, etc. But it wasn't until 5 months ago, I ran into the most devastating hurdle of all time. A baby."

When did you start thinking of yourself as a runner?

"I made an offhand remark to a friend the other night that I thought later was both dishonest and unintentionally very insulting to many runners, including myself."