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The Warmup Lap | 3.23/12 - The Treadmill That Goes 28 MPH

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Finally, a treadmill that can go 28 MPH. With a 40-degree incline:

Want to run faster? High-speed treadmill goes 28 mph | Fox News

Want to run faster? Super-high-speed treadmills can get you going at speeds up to 28 mph on a 40 degree incline -- ramping up your performance to a whole new level.

Brooklyn Half Marathon Will Change Route to Accommodate More Runners -

The course for this year's Brooklyn Half Marathon has been reconfigured so that nearly three times as many runners can join the race on May 19. Registration opens Monday, Mar. 26.

Another Record Year for Half-Marathons

There were an estimated 1.6 million finishers in U.S. half-marathons in 2011.

"We got the beat to shuffle your feet!" Music mixes for running, made by runners.

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