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The Warmup Lap | 3.2612 - A Marathon on No Training, Samwise, and High Heels

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"The marathon can humble you." | MetaFilter

"The answer is yes. Yes, you can do a marathon without training. I know this because I did this. Would you like to know how many marathons I have run since doing this 10 years ago? Zero. Zero marathons after the first.

(via kottke)

Sean Astin Interview | Runner's World

Astin is both excitable and hoping to break four hours in LA this year.

Shalane Flanagan Wins Lisbon Half Marathon, Zersenay Tadese Three Peats |

Flanagan ran a 68:51; World Record-holding Tadese ran a 59:34.

Video Review: Brooks Pure Grit | Runner's World

High Heels Harm Foot Function | Runners' World News

Apparently heels aren't good for your foot's natural function, ladies. No word on the effect of red dresses on one's physiological efficiency.

Capitol 10K race report: A fun run. A negative split. | 5ksandCabernets