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Weekly Training Rundown Mar 19-25

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Spring has sprung and seemingly passed us by. How'd the warm weather treat you this past week?

Mayo: Absolutely horrendous week. My legs aren't recovering well at all from the half last Sunday, and I struggled through every single mile that I (barely) ran this past week. Onwards, upwards, I suppose.

  • Wednesday: 3 miles (9:20 pace). Miserable. Stiffness and soreness came out in spades once I got moving, and never let up. Started the run planning to do seven and cut it way short, erring on the side of caution.
  • Friday: 3 miles (8:39 pace). Probably went too hard on this one, still felt dead/sore-legged.
  • Sunday: 7 miles (9:40 pace). Originally had 14 scheduled, planned on 10, managed 7. Legs just aren't recovering.
Next week: The schedule calls for 6/4/7/5/18 -- I'll probably pare it down to something like 6/3/4/3/14, if I can manage it.


kleph: 20.08 miles in 3:08:35 and, boy, did i go about doing this the tough way. i took most of the mid-week off due to the "blahs." usually i guilt myself into running these days but i'm being hyper conservative with my training right now. not wanting to run is sometimes an indicator you shouldn't run. so i manned up and did a ten-miler sunday and, good gracious, was that ever an unpleasant experience.

  • Monday: Recovery run: 4 miles, 8:55 pace. Cool temps, rested legs. A thing of beauty may be a joy forever. Nice runs, though, you take 'em when you get 'em.
  • Friday: Trail Run, 6 miles, 9:47 pace. Guilt over skipping the mid-week runs sent me to the mountain a little earlier. The result was a smashing run. Did the six mile circut in less than an hour. Hooray!
  • Sunday: Long Run, 10 miles, 9:21 pace. Sheer agony. Going out I knew my legs weren't feeling like they had the distance in them but I pushed through arguing that I needed the mental workout of running with fatigue. The result left me wiped out the rest of the day.

Next week: a bit of an abbreviated training week as i need to fully recover from this weekend and i've got a 10K planned for next weekend.


Cory: Not a bad week. I ran 19.5 miles. I plan on signing up for the Brooklyn Half at noon today, so I am ramping up my schedule and am "getting serious" now.

  • Tuesday: 4 miles, 8:42 pace. I pushed myself too hard, running the first mile at a 7:30 pace before my respiratory system seized up and forced me to run much slower with a pain in my side.
  • Wednesday: 4 miles, 8:22 pace. Things were slightly better on this run, but my two weeks of feasting at SXSW and on vacation in NYC did not add up nicely early in the week.
  • Friday: 2 miles, 8:45 pace. Went home after having a few beers at the end of the day and forced out a run. Not the best, of course.
  • Saturday: 4 miles, 8:02 pace. Honestly, I gained 5 pounds over SXSW, and my paces over the past week were reflective of that. Fortunately, by Saturday I started to break the curse and put in a good run.
  • Sunday: 5.5 miles, 8:03 pace. It was a GLORIOUS day in Arlington and I didn't want to stop running, but I knew that I shouldn't overdo it right now.