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The Warmup Lap | 3.27.12 - Battling Natural Selection One Workout At A Time

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It seems our success as a species might be related to our ability to run.

Why did we evolve to experience "runner's high"? - io9

This all strengthens the idea that the endorphin release is a mechanism that specifically evolved to motivate humans and other athletic mammals to run for great distances.

A very nice feature on the unsung hero of American running -- the local coach.

Santa Cruz's Greg Brock: The Running Man - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Molding runners of all ages and ability levels in Santa Cruz for nearly 40 years, and consistently preparing athletes to take their talents far beyond Santa Cruz, Brock qualifies as a Santa Cruz running institution.

Let the great heel-toe/toe-heel debate continue!

Barefoot running less energy efficient - ABC News (Australia)

"Running barefoot offers no metabolic advantage over running in lightweight, cushioned shoes," the researchers conclude in the study, which appears in the current issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

And if you were thinking of running the Brooklyn Half Marathon... you waited too long.