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The Warmup Lap | 3.28.12 - More Support For Dynamic Stretching

What better way to start today's Warmup Lap than with some news about warming up:

Dynamic Warmup Boosts Strength, Flexibility

More evidence supporting dynamic stretching, this time from a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research which "shows that quadriceps strength and hamstring flexibility increased after a dynamic warmup, but not after static stretching."

Researchers at the University of North Carolina measured subjects' leg strength, power, flexibility and vertical leap, then had them do one of three routines before restesting those measures. Some people did a dynamic warmup, some did static stretching and some did nothing. When retested, those who did the dynamic warmup scored significantly better on quadriceps strength and hamstring flexibility than they had in the pre-warmup test. Those who did static stretching or nothing between the two rounds of tests neither improved nor lessened their strength and flexibility.

So what's dynamic stretching? Here's a video from Runner's World:

DC Rainmaker: The $99 Timex Marathon GPS In-Depth Review

The Timex Marathon GPS unit is the second mainstream sub-$100 GPS watch to hit market in the last few months. As such, it continues the trend set by Soleus with their GPS 1.0 watch back in the fall. These watches aren’t marketed at having downloadable workouts, but can instead keep track of your given run including pace, distance, calories and laps. Afterwards, they also have a basic history function.

Ray has the most in-depth product reviews you could ask for. Seriously, if you're in the market for any running-related gadget, check out his site, as he probably as a thorough review on it.

Women at the Boston Marathon: 40 years and running | The Milford Daily News

Female runners can’t handle the strain. They could collapse. Or worse, they could irreparably damage their reproductive systems. Hard as it is to believe today, that was once the message from amateur sports’ governing body for all but the shortest American footraces. So to keep their race and their results recognized, Boston Marathon organizers wouldn’t knowingly give women official bibs at first — not until 1972, when the Amateur Athletic Union relented and nine women registered.

Ritz, Other Top Marathoners Plot Rest of 2012

Some of the top men who didn't make the Olympic marathon team will turn to track, others will stay on the roads.

Brooklyn Half-Marathon Sells Out in 10 Hours

In an apparent record for New York Road Runners, the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, set for May 19, sold out yesterday in less than 10 hours.