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Samuel Adams Releases Boston 26.2 Brew, The 'Marathon Beer'

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sam 26.2 brew
sam 26.2 brew

Water? Gatorade? Chocolate milk? While all of that might be what you need after finishing a marathon, there's another drink that everybody probably wants a lot more: beer. Fortunately, there's now a brew made with the runner in mind. And appropriately enough, it's brewed in Boston.

Samuel Adams 26.2 Brew, originally announced in February, was released last week in a tasting at the Boston Athletic Association with Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch, BAA president Joann Flaminio and two-time Olympic gold medalist with the US women's soccer team Kristine Lilly in attendance. The beer is set to start pouring in at least 100 bars, all in the Boston area.

So what's it like? It's a rare style, known as a gose, "a light German beer brewed with at least 50 percent wheat, plus coriander and salt." Steve Greenlee, editor of's beer blog, 99 Bottles, describes it as "... quite tasty, with fruity esters, a spicy character, and a tart finish."

But what does the man himself think about it?

"This does what Gatorade does, but it makes you feel good," Koch said. "I don't know. I guess runners will have their choice, but I think we're going to get more people having a beer."

Here's the list of pubs and restaurants that will be offering Boston 26.2 Brew