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Taking the Cautious Road: i.e. I'm a Wuss?

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As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm hurt. Or, more accurately: I think I'm hurt. But I'm not sure; that uncertainty has started to cycle into a positive feedback loop of sorts. I've made my decision on this week's training, but it's probably useful to talk through my thought process (MUNDANE ALERT) in order to 1) figure out if I'm neglecting any factors and 2) share the process with y'all, be it flawed or perfect. If anything, I'm prone to over-thinking things. But, that's how I've learned and how I think. Objectivity!

Up front: I very much appreciate the feedback that I've gotten from you guys (see image). Like anything worth putting thought into, there are differing opinions on what to do (though the opinions aren't all contrary or mutually exclusive and can be viewed as complimentary to a certain extent).

I considered three options: continuing on with my training as though I wasn't feeling like shit; cutting back and taking a light week; or taking the week off. A full week was stricken from the plans right away; I may do dumb things at times, but generally I'm not reckless. After my initial disappointment, I figured a light week (3/3/5) would work well: I could test the waters, keep a bit of fitness, and get a good hold of where my legs stand.

The more I've thought about it, the worse the middle road seems. If I'm going to heal, I need to heal before pushing forward. I may very well be able to work up to 20 miles prior to the June race that's looming (though I'm not going to over-exert myself to get there). So, regardless of difficult it'll be (hint: not really difficult, because I'm sleeping in) I'm going to take this week off from running. I may consider a Saturday swim; I never swim, but a bit of cardio -- even 20 minutes -- would do me well.

I'm also planning to take time this weekend to get a new pair of shoes. If I'm going to start new (or somewhat fresh, at the very least), it makes sense to come in with new shoes at this point. Running in shoes with shot-to-shit midsoles isn't doing me any favors, I'm sure.

Training is fluid; I'm not going to force anything, but if I can't make a June marathon, I should be able to make one in the fall. My goal for this year is pretty much the ever-nebulous 'get back into shape' amoeba. That 'shape' is relative, and I'll be far better off capable and healthy in the fall than I would be if I perpetuate my soreness for a few weeks into April. So, that's my thinking. Off this week, slowly back on next week. No matter how great I feel, I've got to temper my expectations and not get ahead of myself -- something easier said than done.