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Stride Nation Poll: New Year's Resolution Checkup

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The New Year always starts with renewed commitments and resolutions that you're determined to see through this year. And, almost always, by March "this" year tends to look a lot like "last" year. If you've stuck with your personal regimen you've probably noticed that the crush of workout warriors cluttering the gym in January has thinned out considerably in recent weeks.

For new runners, the key to success isn't really going a given distance or speed -- it's building a routine and sticking to it. If you are still running 20 minutes a day thrice weekly, I'll bet you've noticed significant progress from where you started nine weeks back.

And, for more experienced runners, sticking to resolutions is similar. Getting back onto the training routine can be just as challenging. If you don't get over the hump, you'll find yourself wistfully looking over entry forms for marathons you wanted to enter but you now know you'll never be in shape enough to run.

The fact is New Year's Resolutions are really meaningless. You can make a resolution anytime and have as good a chance to stick with it as if you promised on that waning week of the year before. So with a sixth of 2012 in the books we ask you how well you stuck with your New Year's resolutions and urge you to commit yourself to whatever you've hope to accomplish.