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VIDEO: Lance Armstrong Finishes Seventh At Ironman 70.3 Texas

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Things were going well for Lance Armstrong at Ironman 70.3 Texas, the U.S. Pro Championships, and the second professional race for the seven-time Tour de France winner. But then came the finish line.

He was 15th out of the water, finishing the 1.2-mile swim just 22 seconds behind the leader (Lance actually started his life as an endurance athlete in swimming, so a strong showing is hardly surprising). Then on the bike, Armstrong quickly pulled away around mile 10 and was the race leader after the 56-mile ride. He was the first out of transition, but his lead in the run would be short-lived.

It's no secret that the run portion of triathlon is Armstrong's weakest discipline, and likely will be what prevents him from claiming first-place, especially when he is going against some of the fastest half-marathon runners in the world, and that was quickly apparent Sunday. Armstrong was passed around mile one, and while he managed to stay within striking distance, he progressively fell further and further behind, eventually slowing to a walk during the final mile.

But ever determined, Armstrong picked it up and began running again, high-fiving fans at the finisher's chute with his sights set on sixth place. Until this happened:

And that's how one of the best endurance athletes ever finished seventh on Sunday.

It's Jordan Jones' fist-pump that really puts it over the top. And apparently got Lance mad enough to ignore his daughter's cries of "Dad! Daaaad!" as she tried to give him his finisher's medal.

Video via @EvertymanTri