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The Warmup Lap | 4.13.12 - The Ridiculously Photogenic Runner Makes His Video Debut

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If an internet meme has an expiration date, it might be when it appears on your mother's favorite morning news program. If so, then it is with heavy legs and wrinkled bibs that we say goodbye to the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Runner meme, which met its end Wednesday morning on Good Morning America.

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An Open Letter to the Person Who Judged Me for Lip-Syncing On My Run This Morning | McSweeneys

Dear Person Who Judged Me for Lip-Syncing On My Run This Morning,

I was just rounding the corner, crescendoing into the line, “Tell me, is it really love?” when I came upon you. It was 6:45 AM, 39 degrees outside, and I was in the midst of one of the most excruciating experiences known to man—exercise.

In Boston Marathon News ...

Tadese Tola Is Out of Boston Marathon | News

Ethiopia's Tadese Tola will not be running Monday's Boston Marathon -- "The Ethiopian Athletic Federation has placed him on the provisional Ethiopian Olympic Team list."

Leading Edge: Geoffrey Mutai's Mission | Running Times Magazine

"In destroying the marks, he dared his competitors to try to keep I up, and when they did, they too tore down a few of the remaining foundations of the Wall."

Geoffrey Kiprono Mutai saves best for Hub | Boston Herald

Kenyan marathon star Geoffrey Kiprono Mutai won’t let any argument over his would-be world record time of 2:03:02 in last year’s Boston Marathon become a distraction.

And finally ...

On the Trail of the White Horse, Searching for Caballo Blanco |

On Tuesday March 27, ultrarunner Micah True set off on a 12-mile run in the Gila National Forest and didn't return. Days later, writer Christopher McDougall took off on a not-so-unfamiliar quest, joining a crew of ultrarunners to search for the ever-wandering man nicknamed Caballo Blanco.