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Weekly Training Rundown April 9-15

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Pretty killer heat over the weekend. Even warmer today. Miss you already, winter.

Mayo: 8 miles. Felt good, though I was pretty bad about getting out. Still trying to get my legs to recover.

  • Tuesday: 3 miles (7:50 pace). Felt good. Wonderfully cool and breezy evening.
  • Sunday: 5 miles (9:29 pace). It's getting hot now, and the Mall didn't provide much shade. Still, I felt good and got a decent few miles in, albeit slow ones.

Next week: I finally got new shoes (much more to come on this later in the week), so I'm looking to break them in and see how they do. Still keeping things conservative, but felt good on my two runs this week. I've got travel planned for the weekend, so I hope to get out 3x this week.

Hudson: Two runs, a swim, a bike ride and a brick -- overall, a pretty good week.

  • Monday: 1350-yard swim. Got to the pool later so didn't have too much time before it closed.
  • Tuesday: 55 minutes on the bike indoors, with some interval work.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles (7:37 pace). A quick run before having Shake Shack for lunch.
  • Saturday: 7 miles (8:56 pace). This was harder than it probably should have been -- was tired, and it was warm. Took a brief stretch-break after mile three.
  • Sunday: 19-mile bike/1.73-mile run. After "warming up" with around 10 miles (biking to Georgetown and then down to Hains Point), did a brick -- 19.17 miles of aerobic work cycling (avg speed: 17mph), followed immediately by a 15-minute run at an 8:40 pace).