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Weekly Training Rundown Mar 26-April 1

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Another week, another set of runs. How'd you close out March?

Mayo: Took the whole week off. Hope to test the waters on Tuesday morning and see if I've recovered at all.

Williams: Unlike Denny, I had a pretty busy week. I can't blame him for taking the week off (being injured is the worst). I began following a basic training regimen for the Brooklyn Half on May 19. Lets take a look at the tape:

  • Tuesday: 4 miles, 8:02 pace. Your standard, relaxed run.
  • Wednesday: Intervals (7x 400 meters) at a pace of 1:45 per quarter mile. Ran a few miles to warm up and cool down. Total: 4.4 miles.
  • Saturday: 8 miles, 8:31 pace. Beautiful day in Arlington, and I did a long run to get my legs used to the concept of distance running again.
  • Sunday: 4 miles, 8:12 pace. It is always easier to get runs in on the weekend so I took advantage.
  • Total: 20.4 miles.

Next week, I'll up the ante with a 4 mile/40 minute tempo/3/9/4, which should put me right around 25 miles.

kleph: a total of 21 miles this week including a 10K race on saturday.

  • Tuesday: 4 miles, 8:00 pace. meant to just go and get a few miles to see how my legs were recovering from the long run over the weekend but something came over me and i belted out a pretty quick pace the whole way.
  • Thursday: 7 miles, 8:22 pace. wanted the distance more than the speed. with a race coming up in a few days, the idea was to get the distance under my belt to have the concept of how long it would be in my head. felt really strong the whole way.
  • Saturday: NABI Chasing the Sun 10K. 46:15. a really tiny race that benefits native american youth organizations in the region. still, it was in downtown phoenix so that meant a straight and level course. in comparison to my progress this year, it was a great effort. but i looked back at my 10K times from a couple years ago... yeesh.
  • Sunday: 4 miles, 8:42 pace. a recovery run that was really an unapologetic effort to get the weekly distance over the 20 mile mark. still, felt very good for a post-race run.

next week: nothing too fancy. south mountain on the weekend.

Hudson: After basically taking off the previous week, I used these past seven days to get back into it, and by "it" I mean cycling and tri training.

  • Wednesday: 2000-yard swim (700 warm-up, 2x600 at pace, 100 cool down)
  • Saturday: 24-mile bike ride followed immediately by a brick run: 2x1 mile at 7:02 pace, with a two-minute rest between the miles.
  • Sunday: 5 miles in 43:30; legs were trashed after Saturday's brick

Still haven't completely nailed down my tri training program, so hopefully I get that figured out soon.