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The Warmup Lap | 4.9.12 - A Twelve Year-Old Girl is Faster Than Us All

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Kermit Whitfield wins 100-meter dash heat at Florida Relays after Marvin Bracy false-starts |

It's totally glossed over in the write-up here, but a seventh grade girl ran a 2:09 800 meter race to win the high school event at the Florida Relays this weekend. A seventh grade girl ran a 2:09.

Book Review: 14 Minutes |

Alberto Salazar has a new book out covering his encounters with death (among other things), and the WSJ offers up a review.

How Yoga Can Make You a Better Runner | RW News

An interview with Sage Rountree, the RW-contributing author of the new 'Runner's Guide To Yoga'.

2013 Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Houston Half Marathon Raises Entrant Cap to 25,000 | Cool Running

In response to the recent increase in marathon demand, Houston is adding an additional 1,000 participants to their event next year.