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Weekly Training Rundown April 2-8

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Pollen is controlling the world. How'd your runs go in spite of the green air monster?

Mayo: 11 miles total. Started back up this week 'con hesitance'. Three runs, one with one of our dogs.

  • Tuesday: 3 miles (8:22 pace). Not a bad run, though in my angst I managed to build the run up into something more than it really was. Was nervous as hell when I started, and my stomach never really settled. Also: the first run in a week apparently induces the poops. Good to get back out, not a great experience.
  • Friday: 1 mile (7:53 pace). Took out our Jack Russell for a spin around the Capitol. He's not used to pacing real well, and started running pretty hard once we turned around back towards home. We're planning to run him a few times a week, and hopefully I can start building his mileage up over the course of the summer.
  • Sunday: 7 miles (9:36 pace). Beautiful day, though a bit sunny for my liking. No real respite from the sun to be found. Legs held up pretty well, and it felt fantastic to get out and go for an hour.

Next week: Hoping for four runs of intermediate length. Still playing things by ear w/r/t how my legs feel. Would like to be around 20 miles for the week, but can't guarantee anything.

Hudson: Another unorganized, kind of weird week -- couple of swims, couple of runs, but no real plan.

  • Monday: 1500 yards in the pool (600 warm-up, 3x300 at test-pace)
  • Thursday: 55 minutes on the bike indoors
  • Friday: 1100 yards in the pool (warmed-up, then did a quick 3x100 at a fast pace)
  • Saturday: 8 miles, 8:30 pace. The first three miles were ... slow. And I did not want to be out there. But an iPhone switch from a depressing podcast to music helped pick things up for the final five miles (including a 7:20 mile 7).
  • Sunday: Recovery run: 3 miles at a 9:00 pace.

Eventually I will actually figure out my training schedule. Right?