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The Warmup Lap | 5.1.12 - Curing Compartment Syndrome

Arteriocyte gets FDA approval for compartment syndrome clinical trial - Med City News

This is a press release announcing a clinical trial for a drug being developed to treat solders who have sustained injuries that put them at risk of compartment syndrome. This is welcome news to runners as this is an injury that can be sustained due to overtraining. It isn't common, but when it occurs it's effects are drastic. As the next story demonstrates...

Byron's Bryn Byers stays on the run despite physical challenge - Rockford, IL - Rockford Register Star

Byers, 22, completed her first half marathon (13.1 miles) Saturday when she competed in the Illinois Half Marathon in Champaign. A 2008 Byron graduate, Byers finished in 2 hours, 25 minutes — an impressive time for someone who never anticipated becoming a runner after losing one leg in an accident a decade ago.

Running & Water Bottles – It’s a Love / Hate Relationship « Jesus was a Road Runner

I typically eschew the use of customized water bottles but find carrying liquids on those super-long training runs is often a necessity. My preference are Smartwater bottles since they fit my hand well and I can throw them away when I'm done. But it's not perfect solution. Speaking of liquids...

Make A Splash With Water Running -

It’s the form of cross-training most runners ignore and turn their noses at. But it could also be the key to that personal best you haven’t been able to hit or the rehab your body needs to get over a nagging injury. Even so, most runners avoid water running like the plague. The thought of wet hair, swim caps and skimpy swimsuits doesn’t exactly translate to fun for those used to sticking to dry land for a workout.

And the tragic story of the endurance runners in Australia who were severely injured when a brush fire overwhelmed the course during a race continues.

Brother wants marathon organisers called to account - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)